Developing an Effective Continuous Improvement Plan




This seminar will assist schools that have already completed their AdvancED Readiness Review in preparing for their Engagement Review. Schools must bring the entire leadership team participating in the accreditation process to this workshop. Please note: This workshop will only be beneficial if the entire school leadership team is in attendance and is not designed for the principal only.

Participants will review the eProve Platform, with a demonstration of each tool. As well, participants will learn how to utilize school reports (e.g. surveys, inventories, observation records, and school-generated questionnaires) and analyze the data for multiple use, such as:

– School Improvement Planning

– Professional Development (15-minute eleot™ observation in selected classrooms)

– Effective Classroom Strategies

– Potential Evidence for the Engagement Review

This workshop is free of charge for all schools which have already completed their Readiness Review. Ms. Knipe of AdvancED will fly to Toronto especially to support IPSF schools in preparing for their Engagement Review. Don’t miss this important opportunity.

Schools which have not yet completed their Readiness Review, but would like to attend the workshop, are invited to register for a fee.