Teacher Workshops and Seminars

Do you have high staff turnover? Do you have staff who are eager to do a great job, but are new and inexperienced? Even a great principal can only do so much. Let us help by providing relevant, timely, and pertinent professional development for your staff.

  • A wide-range of topics available
  • We will schedule around your timetable; full-day or half-day workshops are available
  • Trending Topics:
    • Student Assessment Evaluation – “for”, “as” and “of” learning, triangulation of marks, etc.
    • “Must-know” MOE policies and how they apply to your school
    • 21st Century Classrooms and Best-Practice Strategies

If you’ve been wanting to provide your staff with top-of-the-line professional development, presented in an engaging and exciting style, by people whose expertise includes practical experience, please contact us.


Upcoming Events

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