School Consultation        

Preparing for Ontario Ministry of Education Inspection

Do you offer high school credit courses and have an upcoming Ministry of Education (MOE) inspection? You know you’re doing a great job, but will you be able to substantiate this through accumulated evidence? Let us help you go through the inspection process with confidence.

PDS can help your school in meeting MOE requirements and guidelines for:

  • course outlines
  • course calendar
  • course(s) of study and assessment plans
  • showing evidence of student work
  • student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
  • school Procedures Manual
  • utilizing principles of the OS & Growing Success documents

To further discuss our services and how we can assist your school, please contact us

Ongoing Consultation

Running a school is a big job. You and your staff are always on the go, working to ensure that your students are getting a great education and that you’re meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Education. We can help you stay up-to-date with Ministry guidelines and regulations, and best-practice educational approaches.

PDS can provide you and your staff with ongoing “check-ups” so you can feel confident that your school is pulling together and on the right path:

  • once per semester consultation to owners/principals and teacher heads
  • regularly scheduled “check-ups” with teaching staff, regarding compliance with Ministry regulations and guidelines
  • create your own consultation schedule

You don’t have to go it alone. Contact us to arrange for a consultation schedule that works for you.

OnSIS Submissions:

Not something you’re familiar with or tired of the frustration of dealing with OnSIS? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us take this bureaucratic headache away from you.

  • MOE required, online data submission 3 times a year
  • Private and Independent schools can be penalized or closed if they fail to submit this information

If you’d like us to take this off your “to-do” list, contact us