PDS assists private schools in meeting their OnSIS requirements. Secondary schools in Ontario are required by legislation to submit their data reports to OnSIS three times a year. Elementary schools are required to submit their information once a year, in October. This requirement is mandated and MUST be followed by all private schools without exception.

PDS personnel have been trained in the understanding of OnSIS. Private schools in Ontario may have PDS trained personnel do their entire OnSIS submission for them; from beginning to end.

Upon becoming a PDS client, a PDS team member will arrive at your school, collect the data needed for the particular submission, take this to the PDS main office computers, and complete the entire report for you. Alternatively, you could opt to e-mail relevant data to our PDS office. At completion of the submission, you will receive a CD with all the reports that were submitted for your school. You can concentrate on school needs, while PDS signs-off the session on your behalf and relieves you from the requirements related to OnSIS.

The fees for this service vary, and will depend on the size of your school (number of students) and its location (as PDS personnel might have to make a one day visit to your school).

Basic submission fee is $20.00 per high school student (up to 3 submissions per academic school year). There is a minimum fee of $500.00 (plus HST). Services beyond the basic submission fee are based on an hourly rate of $75.00 per hour (travel expenses are extra).