Be prepared for your Ministry inspection!

The Ministry checks for your school’s compliance in:

  • Classroom practices: Are your teachers implementing the assessment policies in Growing Success, 2010 ?
  • Office records: Is the school in compliance with the OSR Guideline and OST Manual, 2010?
  • School Management: Does the school have required policies and procedures in place?

To be sure that you are ready for the inspection, contact PDS for a Pre- Inspection. Have PDS come to your school and conduct an inspection using the same process and checklist as the Ministry of Education’s inspector.

We will:

  • Meet with the principal
  • Observe classes
  • Review student records
  • Review school policies and procedures

We will also identify practices that can lead to school improvement.

We will provide a full and complete report of findings with recommendations for improvement within 24 hours of the school visit.

To book a Pre-Inspection visit to your school, call:

Dr. Ronnie Miller at (905) 977-9091