Support for New Schools

Opening a “Brick and Mortar” (onsite) School

This might be brand new for you, but we’ve done this many times!

  • MOE timelines and required documentation
  • Course Calendar
  • Course Outlines
  • Complete Courses: including course expectations and assessment plans
  • Staff training: including best-practice and student assessment and evaluation

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Opening an Online School

Maybe you’ve been operating an onsite school for many years, and now you’re ready to add an online component to your school, or maybe you aspire to a large online operation; offering Canadian learning and credits to an international pool of students. Either way, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

  • MOE timelines and required documentation
  • Platform for online teaching
  • Template for MOE compliant course delivery
  • Tools and checklists for required MOE evidence for MOE inspection
  • Administration and staff training in the use of an online platform

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